Sunday, January 17, 2010

Part 1 of a series of posts. Reiby House, Mary Reiby and more...

I mentioned "Reiby House" in an earlier post. So where was Reiby House? And who was Mary Reiby? I'll dig and post in a series to answer these and other questions.

My earlier reference:
Secrets of a Sydney past: Charles Street, Marrickville and surrounds - a potted history. Part 1.
"1843 - Homlewood built. 1844 - Foundation stone of first St Stephen’s church (Anglican), Newtown. Economic depression producing many forced sales and bankruptcies. 1847 - Stanmore House begun. 1848 - Inauguration of National education system. Subdivision of Petersham estate. Reiby house probably erected by this time. Foundation stone of St Thomas’ Catholic church, Lewisham. Temporary building for St Peters Anglican school.(permanent building in 1855). Goodsell family brickworks. Fowler’s Pottery."

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